As part of the conversion process, you will receive a new credit card, a new credit card account number and some of the features of your card may change. We will advise you of the collection period for your new card and provide further details on the specific changes to your account at a later date.


Credit Cards

  • Will I receive a new credit card?

    Yes. You will receive a new credit card. We encourage you to update any online subscriptions, bill payment services, and/or any other service or provider when you receive your card details. This will help ensure a smooth and easy transition to your new your card.

  • How will I receive my new credit card?

    If you are a resident, your branch will contact you when your card is ready for collection. We will also share updates on card collection via our website and social media pages. If you reside abroad, your branch will contact you to arrange for collection.

    Click here to download Terms and Conditions [PDF].

  • Will my credit card account number change?

    Yes. Your credit card account number will change. To ensure a smooth transition to your new credit card and card account, we encourage you to update any online subscriptions, bill payment services, and/or any other service provider with your new card and account details.

  • What about my interest rate; will it change?

    Yes, you will be contacted directly regarding changes to the interest rate/s for your credit card account/s. Our service representatives will be on hand to help you understand these changes and how they apply to your credit card account

  • Will my minimum payment change?

    Yes, previously minimum payments were calculated as 3% of the outstanding balance or a minimum of US $10. Your minimum payment will now be calculated as 2.77% of the outstanding balance or a minimum payment of US $20 (EC $54).

  • Will my interest-free period change?

    Yes. Your interest free period will be increased from 25 days to 50 days. This means you’ll have a longer period of time to pay outstanding credit card balances before interest is charged on your account.

  • Will my credit card continue to work locally, regionally, and internationally?

    Yes. Your credit card/s will be accepted locally, regionally and internationally, wherever you see the Mastercard symbol.

  • How will my loyalty programme be impacted?

    You will continue to enjoy the same rewards as before including 4% cash back on all purchases at grocery stores and gas stations, 2% at drug stores and pharmacies and 1% at all other merchants. However, rewards will now be awarded on a quarterly basis and reflected on your quarterly statement. AAdvantage Mastercard cardholders will continue to earn one AAdvantage® mile for every U.S. dollar (or equivalent) spent on your card. Miles earned will be reflected on your statement.

  • Will the expiration period of my credit card change?

    Yes. The expiration period for credit cards will be standardised. Your card will now be valid for three years.

  • Will my daily purchasing limit be impacted?

    Your daily maximum limit for purchases will be EC $27,000 or US $10,000. If you would like to make a purchase above this limit , and you have the available credit, please call the contact centre at: 1-473-440-4725(4RBL).

  • Is my credit card billing cycle changing?

    Yes, credit card billing cycles will be simplified as part of our efforts to serve you in a more timely and efficient manner. This change means that your statements will be issued on the 20th day of each month and your payment due date will usually be on the 10th day of each month. We understand that this is a significant adjustment and we are committed to working on a case-by-case basis to help you through this transition.

  • What is BalanceCover? Is there a cost?

    BalanceCover is an insurance coverage plan that covers the outstanding balance on your personal credit card by repaying or reducing your credit card debt in case of death or disability. The monthly premium rate is US$0.52 per US$100 of the outstanding balance. Click here to download BalanceCover Certificate of Insurance.

  • Will Republic Bank’s BalanceCover offer Critical Illness coverage?

    Critical illness will be covered under the BalanceCover product for credit cards.

  • Will I be automatically enrolled for BalanceCover?

    All customers enrolled in Creditor Life Protection at the time of conversion will automatically be enrolled in the Balance Cover insurance programme. If you are already enrolled, your branch will contact you directly with further details.

  • Will there be a fee for cash advances?

    Yes, as part of the conversion process fees will be standardised to reflect existing fee structures across the Republic Group. A cash advance fee of 3.2% or a minimum of US $5 (EC $15) will be introduced as part of the conversion.

  • Can I make pre-payments to my credit card account?

    For security reasons, pre-payments to your Credit Card account which are more than the outstanding balance is not allowed.

  • How do I set up automated credit card payments via Republic's online banking?

    To set up your automated credit card payment via RepublicOnline, please click here.

    If you are not yet registered for RepublicOnline, click here for your step by step guide for both Registration and Automated Credit Card Payment Set Up.

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