Keeping your account and financial information safe and secure is a top priority for us. Throughout the conversion process, we will continue to update you on what is taking place and the steps we’re taking to protect you funds and your account information.


Safety and Security Questions

  • Will my account and financial information stay secure during the conversion process?

    Yes. Keeping your information secure and private is a top priority for us. The process will not compromise the safety of your information in any way.

  • Will my funds be safe and secure?

    Yes. The conversion will follow a carefully planned, phased approach to ensure that your funds remain safe and secure throughout the process.

  • Will I have access to my funds at the ATMs during the conversion?

    ATM and online services will be unavailable during a brief period immediately preceding the launch of the Bank’s new technology platforms. We will advise of this date well in advance so that you can withdraw cash for use over this period and make any scheduled online payments beforehand.

  • Will my account number/s change?

    Yes. Your account number/s will change. Your new account number/s will be mailed to you.

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